If you have weaknesses,
it does not mean that you are weak,
but that you are complete.

(Deepak Chopra)

Why should I use a Coach?

10 Reasons to hire a coach

My working method

what can you expect

Better get hurt by the truth, than comforted with a lie. (Khaled Hosseini)

The first introductory meeting is free of charge and takes approximately one hour.It gives me and you the time to clarify your questions or themes and to discover what I can do for you. Depending on your topic, we start working once a week or once every two weeks in sessions of an hour. The questions i ask are direct and honoust, and I will motivate and challange you. If required we review the past period. How many sessions are required depends on the themes ad hand. Usually five to six sessions are sufficient. It also happens that we agree that we keep meeting each other monthly.



who am I

Understanding others is knowledge, understanding yourself is enlightenment  (Lao Tse)

I am a proud father of two grown up sons, husband to my lovely wife. In my business career I have been an entrepreneur, working foreman, director,business owner  and manager at various international companies. I am known for my direct and honoust approach.reflected in my way of coaching.


Coach, Mentor en Presentator


For me, the coaching sessions with Martin are of great value. As a freelancer, you need an external sounding board to continue to focus on the future and to justify the daily choices. Martin helps me to distinguish the sense of nonsense and to stick to the long (er) term. Because of his own experience as an entrepreneur, Martin is able to penetrate to the core without fail and let me make my own choices (with the acceptance of the accompanying consequences). “Peter van der Sar ..

Peter van der Sar

On occasions  you need to recalibrate. That requires a fresh look and a creative spirit. That, combined with Martin’s knowledge and experience, has regularly given me a much needed push in the right direction. By regularly sparring with Martin, I gave myself that present

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