1. Discover what you really want to do with your life , and translate it into a mission  with tangible goals.
  2. What inspires you and what makes you happy and how a coach can support you. 
  3.  A coach will help your with how to find your motivations, to perservere , does not give up and stands beside you.
  4.  A coach provides a safe enviroment where you can focus on what is really important and then give it your full attention.
  5. A coach is like a mirror without a filter and is exclusivly for you.
  6. A coach offers structure and creates a stratagy.
  7.  To have someone who really listens to you.
  8. A coach is confidential
  9. A coach will stick to the deal made.
  10. A coach is someone to celibrate your succes with.