The most important goal of the Workenergyanalysis® is to create awareness among the organizations and employees about his or her personal drives and qualities. The analysis gives employees insight into their

energy sources and in factors that cost energy at both organizational and function level.

Interesting with the following issues

Career questions

There is a need for you and / or your employee to investigate whether he / she is still at the right workplace.


You employee is sick regularly, but you do not know what the cause is. Or your employee is not working properly.


Your organization is in full development. Employees want to develop further, but which function or tasks fit best?

Engagement and involvement

You want to maximize the potential of your employees, making them more enthusiastic and involved in their work and your organization.

Yields Work energy analysis®

By completing the analysis and the interview with the coach, employees experience what matters they have an influence on and on which things they do not. Through these acquired insights, employees learn to take their own direction for their personal development, fun and results in their work.

How does it work?

Prior to the coaching conversation, your employees make the online working energy analysis® via the internet, duration ± 45 min.

An independent external coach discusses working energy analysis® reporting with your employees. Duration coach conversation 1.5.

Awareness takes place because the coach questions and places the responsibility and responsibility with your employees.

By setting priorities in a personal action plan, your employees can work efficiently afterwards.

Through this method your employees learn to take their own direction for their personal development and enjoyment in their work.

I.v.m. privacy, the reports are not provided to the employer or third parties.

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